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Our mission - make sure that your home would never lack of good wine.

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We are enthusiasts of wine. We travel, search, taste and try- wine for us is a way to experience and remember another cultures. Quality and authentic taste is what is the most important for us, therefore we select only what seems special and leaves impression. Wine Since1974 was our first discovery that we are proud of and can`t wait to share with you. We love sharing our discoveries with friends and while our friends circle was expanding we decided to share our discoveries with everyone.

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We believe that each wine has it`s story. Here you will find more about the origin of wine, the way it was produced and what is special about it. It won`t be difficult to find a wine for yourself in our carefully selected wines assortment- here you will find reviews and recommendations of friends. We invite you to join us too!

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To buy online is worth it- we offer you convenient and simple ordering way together with fast home delivery at your convenience.


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